why? —because bad art can inspire good art

At the San Francisco Modern Meuseum of Art, one of the exhibits
was a wall filled with Lost Bird posters.
Real ones.

I'm standing there saying "wow, lotta birds" just like everybody else
I watched people get in close to read some of the posters and leave.
That was it
They didn't laugh, chat, or point anything out to eachother,

No one cared about the lost birds, much less the people who lost them, and for me, I hate birds. (the wretched indoor type)
so I left too, not caring a bit.

But it bugged me all day, that giant wall going to waste for something
no-one cared about. So if it bent me so much (congratulations to the artist) what would I put there instead?

so I made my own "better" ones,
NOT on a giant wall,
but out in the world.